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Vacant Property Staging:

Studies prove time and time again that vacant homes linger on the market longer than homes that are professionally staged because buyers have a hard time connecting with them.  We create fresh, inviting interiors that buyers aspire to at every price point.

Every MK vacant staging project begins with an in person property preview.  Then, taking inspiration from the latest global and local design trends and using classic design principals, we work with you to create a model home design plan tailored to the property's style and showcase it's best selling features. 

Using our exclusive warehouse of furnishings, accessories and original art, we'll merchandise your property in a way that appeals and inspires buyers. 

What We Do

There is never a second chance to make a first impression. Studies show that buyers create a judgement about each property they visit within 8 seconds of walking through the front door.  Professional Staging is about marketing your property to the broadest number of potential buyers and providing opportunities for them to create emotional connections which leads to offers made.

Consultations for Occupied Properties:

This in depth evaluation initiates at the curb and ends at the back yard and consists of a detailed walk-through with the Home Seller. We'll make recommendations for organizing, paint colors, window treatments, flooring and furniture, lighting and art placement.

Our goal with this service is to identify and reduce potential perceived negative property aspects, enhance positive features and create an environment that appeals, while owners continue to live in a listed property. 

Included in this service is an easy to follow staging action plan presented at the end of the consultation as well as a complementary 20min follow-up call.​

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